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Valenti's Brow Bar

Available Services


The microshading procedure is designed for those seeking a darker, fuller brow appearance. This technique involves applying pigment in a powder-like fashion using micro needles (not microblades). It results in a long-lasting makeup effect, starting with a natural and bright beginning and darkening towards the tail for the perfect Microshading look. Ideal for individuals who prefer eyebrow tint, pencil, or desire a thicker brow, especially suitable for oily skin.

Touch-up (6-8 weeks)

Following the initial healing of your eyebrows, a 6-8 week touch-up may be needed to perfect them. If your brows aren't dark enough, not thick enough, or if you desire any alterations, consider booking our perfecting touch-up.

Annual Touch-up (6 months-1 year)

Annual touch-up and color boost to maintain the beauty of your brows.

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